San Felipe de Barajas Castle Tour

On this guided tour of the castle San Felipe de Barajas, we’ll travel back in time and discover why this monument declared World Heritage Site by Unesco is so legendary.

There we’ll set off on a guided tour of this massive Cartagena fort located on the San Lázaro hill.
The San Felipe de Barajas castle was built during the XVI and XVII centuries by the Spanish military and African slaves. It was used to protect against the attacks of Pointis, a French pirate, and the English officer Edward Vernon. Do you know who Blas de Lezo was? We’ll learn all about this and many other things.
We’ll walk along the walls of the fortress while we see the cannons that remain of the 63 that once protected Cartagena de Indias. We’ll also see the galleries, guardhouses, and reservoirs, as well as walk through the tunnels that were used to protect the fortress from assaults. 300 people could fit in them!

After the visit to the castle, we’ll end the activity.

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